Gotcha Project Sponsorship Opportunity

The Gotcha Project needs individuals, businesses, and corporations to help our volunteers rally the country, raise money for, and support the fight against human trafficking. Money and in-kind donations will help underwrite the hard costs of this cross-country tour to stop trafficking.

We ask that your company consider supporting us in one or more of the following ways:

  • Cash donation
  • In-Kind Products & Services
  • Event Volunteers
  • Marketing Muscle

Types of products and services needed:

  • Gasoline/Fuel
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Groceries and/or Restaurant Meals
  • Airline Tickets/ Miles
  • Event Catering
  • T-Shirt & promotional apparel
  • Motorcycle parts and accessories

Friends & Supporters

If your company would like to demonstrate support without committing to a full sponsorship, you can choose to make a donation. By contributing a minimum of $500 in cash or in-kind donations, we will proudly display your company’s logo on our home page, highlighting your status as a supporter. To ensure accurate processing, please remember to select the checkbox under the “Friends and Supporter” section of the form. We will promptly follow up with you once we receive your submission.

Sponsership Tiers



cash or in-kind donations



cash or in-kind donations



cash or in-kind donations



cash or in-kind donations

Platinum Plus


cash or in-kind donations

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All Harley Davidson dealerships that host this world record event

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