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What is GOTCHA?

Get Off The Couch & Heal America

Founded by Dave Graybill GOTCHA is a team of philanthropic individuals on a mission to inspire Americans to “Get Off The Couch & Heal America” (GOTCHA). It is the goal of GOTCHA to have Americans be more aware and involved in the needs of the people in their own community, city, state, and country.

Yearly Initiative

Each year the GOTCHA Project will bring an initiative worthy of getting off your couch for, and rally your community around it. Individually it is difficult to make a difference. Collectively we can heal America.

Raising Awarness

Once we GOTCHA behind the annual initiative communities will raise awareness for the project and find ways to make a difference for those in need in their community.


GOTCHA provides the content for the annual initiative, the energy, and the influence to get your community behind the project. Each community brings their unique resources and needs to make a difference at a local level.


GOTCHA aims to deliver as much value and support to their annual initiative as possible through volunteerism. We look forward to working with you to make a significant impact in your own backyard.

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