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Press Release 2023

A document containing all the information you will need to know about this event.

Red and White GOTCHA 2023 Flyer

Printable and editable flyer to advertise your event

Black GOTCHA 2023 Flyer

Printable and editable flyer to advertise your event.

2023 Road Glide QR Code

Printable QR Code for Flyers that links to the GOTCHA Project 2023 Road Glide Raffle

GOTCHA Skeleton Banner

Printable banner to advertise your event

GOTCHA Uncle Sam Logo

Printable logo to advertise your event

Letter for Community Leader Involvement

Downloadable template to request your Community Leader's attendance at your event

Angel Studios Press Release

Generic press release to let media know about the GOTCHA project and their relationship with Angel Studios.

Angel Studios Press Release Customizable for Event Day

Downloadable press release template to share information about the event and add your specific location, date, time, etc.


Sept 12th Gainesville Harley Davidson

Sept 13th Tifton Harley Davidson

Sept 21st Redstone Harley Davidson, Madison, AL

Sept 22nd Harley Davidson of Montgomery, AL

Sept 23rd Starkville Fire Department

Sept 24th Harley Davidson of Jackson, MS

Sept 25th Three State Harley Davidson, Shreveport, LA

Oct 1st Cowboy Harley Davidson, Austin, TX

Oct 4th Texoma Harley Davidson, Sherman TX

Oct 9th Tripps Harley Davidson, Amarillo, TX

Oct 10th Thunderbird Harley Davidson, Albuquerque, NM

Oct 11th Wicked West Harley Davidson, Sante Fe, NM

Support Request

If you need any additional support or resources please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Making each leg of this journey a success is key to the success of the movement. We are ready and willing to help. 

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