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Meet Dave Graybill

Here with his wife Lisa

An entrepreneur, philanthropist, and community organizer who has made a name for himself by fighting for justice and championing change. With a passion for helping others, Graybill has dedicated his life to making a difference in the world.

Notable Accomplishments

As a global thinker, motivated speaker, social influencer, and philanthropist, Graybill has accomplished many notable feats. 

Golf Across America

A 7-month journey that Dave Graybill took in which he golfed on the streets of America, raising money and awareness for children’s charities. The tour began in California and ended in New York, covering more than 7,000 miles and visiting more than 40 states. The tour was a unique blend of golf and philanthropy, as Graybill played golf on the streets, in public parks, and on local golf courses, all while raising money for children’s charities.

Pink Heals

“Pink Heals” is a non-profit organization founded by Dave Graybill. It is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for local causes, primarily those that support women and children.

The organization is well-known for its pink fire trucks, which are driven around the country to raise awareness for various causes and events. The organization is all-volunteer, operates on the sale of merchandise, directs donations, and provides help to those in need.

Patriots, God & Country Tour

Dave Graybill toured the country to celebrate the Constitution and our God-given freedoms. He brought along seven patriotic fire trucks and vehicles representing what was most important to him at the time, which were the American Flag, Military, Police, American history, Christianity, and the 2nd Amendment.

The tour was organized in 2020, during a time when there was a lot of negativity, and Graybill wanted to talk about all the blessings that Americans have. In every community he visited, he made it a priority to meet veterans and police officers to give them gratitude. He asked them to sign the trucks as a way to honor their service.


In addition to his philanthropic endeavors, Graybill is also an accomplished entrepreneur, having built several successful businesses, including Graybill Custom Homes, Hlthe, Nomidion, and HAVOOM. His Hlthe technology demonstrated global reach during its initial pilot, bringing healthcare directly into the hands of parents of children with sickle cell via the Hlthe Africa initiative. Most recently, his tech company start-up, Nomidion LLC, eliminates fraud and misappropriation of funds at all levels by tracking funding of any source to its intended use via distributed ledger technology.

Baseball Player, FireFigher, Author

Graybill is also a retired firefighter, a former professional baseball player, and the author of Pink Heals: The Mending of America, a book that only scratches the surface of this highly motivated, inspirational, and driven man whose life has been dedicated to inspiring and empowering others to make a difference during their lifetime.

What's Next for Dave Graybill

The GOTCHA Project, Founded by Dave Graybill,  is a team of philanthropic individuals on a mission to inspire Americans to “Get Off The Couch & Heal America” (GOTCHA). It is the goal of GOTCHA to have Americans be more aware and involved in the needs of the people in their own community, city, state, and country. Each year will bring a new initiative as a project worthy of attention.

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